Welcome to MOPLI!

MOPLI is the Mobile Public Library Interface App for the Jefferson Township Public Library in New Jersey. The App can be custom-tailored to any Public Library using the POLARIS LIS.

MOPLI allows library patrons to search M.A.I.N. the library catalog of the Morris County Library system using keywords or authors. Further search selection include newly acquired books or DVDs by the library system, most popular titles as well as a selection of New York Times Bestseller lists.

Integrated in the app is a Barcode Scanning feature allowing patrons to scan any book barcode using the native camera function and find if the title is available at the library. Titles found in searches can be directly reserved using the patrons library card credentials.

Patrons can access their accounts at any time to find out what titles they put on on hold, what the status is, and which titles are available for pick up. Borrowed titles are listed as well along with the status and - if applicable - an easy button to renew.

Besides using the library catalog, MOPLI provides a convenient way to browse the latest library events by calendar of list view and to register for library events.

Essential Library information details such as Library Contacts (with pictures), opening hours and Holiday closures are directly and easily accessible from the main menu. Navigation to the library is provided by MOPLI either via text and Google Maps or via the native IOS navigator.

Oh - and in case a little reading light is required while browsing the physical library  - MOPLI got it by the push of a button!